Mallorca - the largest of the Balearic Islands in Spain, is particularly famous for being one of the most amazing natural holiday destinations in Europe. This is so because of its family-friendly towns and resorts, modern hotels, plenty of fun activities, and specifically, stunning beaches. Get ready to discover ten totally beautiful beaches in Mallorca.

1. Playa Sa Mesquida (Cala Mesquida), , Spain -


Located amid a beautiful dune landscape, Cala Mesquida, with its shallow waters, is ideal for swimming. The fun here reaches the peak on windy days when high waves roll into the bay. Lifeguarded, the beach has facilities like a bar that offers food, showers, toilets, a Red Cross station, parasol rental, and sun-loungers. Cala Mesquida is also a great spot for nudism, watersports, and other activities.

Address:Platja de Sa Mesquida, 07589, Illes Balears, Spain

2. Caló des Moro, , Spain -


Absolutely gorgeous and hidden away in a deep rocky inlet near Mallorca's southern tip is the picturesque cove of Caló des Moro. Located in the southeast corner of Mallorca, the unspoiled beach's appeal lies in its bright white sand and crystal clear turquoise water flanked by steep, tree-topped cliffs.

Address:Caló des Moro, Spain

3. Playa de Formentor, , Spain -


A Blue-Flag beach located along the Formentor Peninsula in the northern tip of the Mallorca, Playa de Formentor is considered to be one of the top 20 beaches of Mallorca. The long, white sand beach with sparkling green-blue water is set in a wild and dramatic landscape, with dense pine forests and views of the Tramuntana mountains.

Address:Platja de Formentor, 07460, Spain

4. Cala Pi de la Posada, , Spain -


This beach, located on the eastern coast of Mallorca's Formentor peninsula, is very sandy, about 840 meters but 8 meters narrow. Surrounded by very thick pines and holm oak trees with branches that nearly touch the crystal clear water, this blue flag beach with amazing facilities is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches on Mallorca island.

Address:Cala Pi de la Posada, Spain

5. Cala Llombards, Cala Llombards, Spain -


Secluded and stunning, Cala Llombards is a cove beach and resort on the southeast coast of Majorca, the village where it is located is called Es Llombards. Also surrounded by cliffs and rocky areas and pine trees and scrubs, its sand is white and soft, plus the water is ideal for snorkeling as it is crystal clear.

Address:Cala Llombards, Illes Balears, Spain

6. Playa de Muro, , Spain -


With crystal-clear water that glows a turquoise blue, this beautiful six-kilometer-long beach is one of the most enchanting. The beach paradise with Caribbean flair in the north of Mallorca is very peaceful because of its out-of-town location. There are hotels, restaurants, bars, sun loungers, and a wide range of facilities and services all along the beach.

Address:Platja de Muro, Spain

7. Cala Agulla, Cala Agulla, Spain -


In the middle of Llevant Peninsula natural park is the idyllic bay of Cala Agulla on Mallorca's northeast coast. The mountains, dunes, flat rocks, and pine forests behind the beach make nature more dominant in its location. Caribbean-like, the beach of shimmering waters boasts amazing facilities and activities.

Address:07590 Cala Agulla, Balearic Islands, Spain

8. Cala Torta, , Spain -


A beautiful virgin sandy beach flanked by small cliffs covered with palm hearts and mastic trees, Cala Torta ushers you into crystal clear waters. Although not very ideal for swimming as there are currents present, when the wind blows, the waves are spectacular.

Address:Cala Torta, Balearic Islands, Spain

9. Platja des Coll Baix, Alcúdia, Spain -


Plaja of the Coll Baix is a coarse-grained beach near Alcúdia, featuring beautiful wildflowers. Snug below sheer, wooded cliffs, the shimmering crescent of pale pebbles, and the translucent water are totally amazing. The atmosphere of this beach is simply surreal.

Address:Platja des Coll Baix, 07400 Alcúdia, Illes Balears, Spain

10. Cala Màrmols, Santanyí, Spain -


One of the most peaceful and least visited beaches, Cala Màrmols is another idyllic, sandy bay on the southeast coast of Mallorca. Remote and undeveloped, the beach is surrounded by high cliffs. The sand, which is light and neat, is mixed with gravel, and the crystal-clear water shimmers in blue and turquoise colors, inviting you to a swim in the adventurous ocean.

Address:Cala Màrmols, 07650 Santanyí, Balearic Islands, Spain


These beaches are, no doubt, beautiful and endowed with a charm that keeps tourists coming back for more. They are naturally astonishing, physically equipped with cool facilities, and avail you of fun activities to make your holiday dreams come true.