Located in the southern portion of North America, Mexico, which ranks seventh in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, sure has many attractions; hence, it is a major tourist destination for fun lovers. Its beauty can be attributed to Mexico's rich cultural, biological heritage, varied climate and geography. Be sure to add to your bucket list as this article takes you on a ride through nine amazing attractions in the beautiful country, Mexico. Read on to find out more.

1. Zona Arqueológica Palenque, Palenque, Mexico -


Anciently known as Lakamha, Palenque is located near the Usumacinta River in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It contains some of the finest and historic architectural structures produced by the Mayas. These structures include the Temple of Inscriptions, Temples of the Cross group, the Palace, the Temple of the Skull, and other notable buildings. Sculptures, roof comb, and bas-relief carvings are other Interesting details of the site.

Address:Carretera a Palenque- Zona Archaeologica Km. 8, 29960 Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palenque

2. Hierve el Agua, San Lorenzo Albarradas, Mexico -


A set of natural travertine rock formations in San Lorenzo Albarradas, Oaxaca, Hierve el Agua resembles cascades of water. While the waterfalls are white, there are two mineral pools at the edge of the cliff which is saturated by calcium carbonate, magnesium, and just enough sulfur to lend them a yellow hue. Although its name translates to 'the water boils', the springs aren't boiling; rather, they are heavily carbonated with temperatures varying between 22-26C.

Address:Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax., Mexico
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hierve_el_Agua

3. Tamul Waterfall, Tamasopo, Mexico -


This incredible waterfall of the spectacular 105-meter cascade is considered "the jewel of the potosina waterfalls" for its surreal beauty. It is the largest in the area with clear blue waters, lush green mountains rising either side of the aqua water, and beautiful rocks leading to it. The waterfall is a result of the merging of the Gallinas River and the Santa maria river. You get to take in all that beauty from the scenery and appreciate the amazing landscape of high rocky walls covered by ferns and palms.

Address:Tamasopo, S.L.P., Mexico

4. Sandia Mountains, , United States -


Located in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties, you can get the view of the spectacular Sandia Mountains by riding the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway to the crest, looking out over 11,000 square miles of magical New Mexican landscape. You can also hike in the foothills among prickly pear, cholla cactus, fragrant desert sage, or trek to the top of the mountains, where pine and fir trees line the ridges and valleys. The sunset here is so beautiful with a splash of pink light over the rocky 10,600-foot peaks of the Sandia Mountains, hence the name which translates to 'watermelon'.

Address:Sandia Mountains, New Mexico 87122, USA
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandia_Mountains

5. Dos Ojos Cenote, Tulum, Mexico -


A stunning sinkhole located between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, experiencing Dos Ojos Cenote has to be on your bucket list.  Some of Dos Ojos Cenote's interesting things include; the crystal-clear blue water that almost looks painted, incredible rock formations, and plenty of opportunities for divers. Made up of two cenotes connected via a passageway that measures 400 meters long, you'll find both shallow and deeper areas in the cenotes, so it's a good option for families with children as well. The necessary facilities like a bathroom, changing area, life jackets and so on are in place.

Address:Cenote Jaguar Rd, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sistema_Dos_Ojos

6. Agua Azul Waterfalls, , Mexico -


This fall's incredible blue colour is due to the high mineral (limestone) content of the water, which deposits itself on the rock and gives the rock a unique shape. Even in the rainy season when water pounds down the falls with a higher intensity making the blue colourless obvious, the cascades remain stunning regardless.

Address:Chiapas, Mexico
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agua_Azul

7. Popocatépetl, Popocatépetl, Mexico -


Popocatépetl is an active stratovolcano and the second-highest peak in Mexico at 5,426 m, after Citlaltépetl at 5,636 m. Until recently, the volcano was one of three tall peaks in Mexico to contain glaciers. At the moment, only ice remains on the volcano owing to warmer temperatures and increased volcanic activity. Popocatépetl remains a place of interest as it has amazing scenery to date.

Address:Popocatépetl, Pue., Mexico
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popocatepetl

8. Nevado de Toluca, , Mexico -


Another stratovolcano in central Mexico, located about 80 kilometres (50 mi) west of Mexico City near Toluca, this volcano and the area around it is now a national park. Nevado de Toluca is the fourth highest of Mexico's peaks, after Pico de Orizaba, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl.

Address:Nevado de Toluca, State of Mexico, Mexico
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nevado_de_Toluca

9. Copper Canyon, , Mexico -


Copper Canyon derives its name from the copper-green hue of the canyon walls. It is a series of massive canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. Popular for hiking, the unique canyon has breathtaking views.

Address:Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper_Canyon


Indeed these attractions in Mexico are amazing and should easily make it to your bucket list as they are everything, including; beautiful, serene with breathtaking panoramas, historical and places where you can catch a breath of fresh air amid nature.