Home to Spanish architecture, a terrific wine region and many more, Argentina is more than meets the eye. Truly bright and brilliant, the republic entices with its energetic and daring cities, a thriving nightlife, exciting culture, historic villages, and mind-blowing of natural wonders. Wildlife and natural attractions are never too far away in this country of spectacular diverse terrain; soaring mountain peaks, the breathtaking coastlines cannot be ignored. Argentina is indeed a vast country with so much to do and see. Here are 7 natural wonders in Argentina to see on your next visit. 

1. Atuel Canyon, San Rafael, Argentina -


Atuel Canyon, a narrow canyon is one of the popular tourist attractions within Valle Grande, Argentina. The canyon is not only a popular location for adventure sports, such as river rafting, climbing, horse riding, mountain biking and hiking, it is also filled with other recreational options for tourists.

Address:RP173, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atuel_Canyon

2. Provincial Ischigualasto Park, Villa San Agustín, Argentina -


Endowed with wonderfully shaped rock formations like the El Gusano shaped like worms, the Cancha de Bochas shaped like balls, El Submarino shaped like a submarine when viewed from a certain angle and the very spectacular El Hongo, a single rock that looks like a mushroom. Ischigualasto Provincial Park, in northwest Argentina, is also called Valle de la Luna. Be sure to get lost in the euphoria of this breathtaking wonder as you enjoy all about and around it.

Address:J5449 Villa San Agustín, San Juan, Argentina
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ischigualasto_Provincial_Park

3. Mountain Plateau La Puna, , Argentina -


Another spectacle wonder of nature you will find in Argentina is Mountain Plateau La Puna which originated from the Quechua dialect; native to the Andes in western South America. Spanning from northern Argentina, western Bolivia, northern Chile, central and southern Peru, the Puna lies between the latitudes of 8° and 30° south. The area of La Puna in northern Argentina is a dry puna/desert located at high altitude. It has the largest thermal amplitude in the world with temperatures of 30° throughout the day and -30° that same night.


4. Shells' Ravine, Cafayate, Argentina -


Embedded with marine fossils, plus a natural amphitheatre, Shells' Ravine is characterized by picturesque coloured (red) rock formations, mineral coloured sands and jagged cliffs, all of which makes it one of Northern Argentina's most impressive natural reserve. No doubt, Shells' Ravine beautifully diverse landscape and wildlife are amazing. 

Address:Cafayate, Salta, Argentina

5. Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia, Argentina -


Patagonia's southernmost protected park, Tierra del Fuego is known as the only Argentine park combining marine, wood and mountain environments which form a peculiar scenery. Marked by the pure air, rich wildlife, exclusive and exotic species, “concheros” (shelly deposits), beautiful views and lakes plus available fun & sports activities, Tierra del Fuego National Park is indeed a wonder to behold.

Address:Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tierra_del_Fuego_National_Park

6. Punta Tombo, , Argentina -


Punta Tombo, the biggest Magellanic penguin colony in the world, is an amazing sight up close. This huge and natural paradise is also home to Patagonian hares, foxes, gulls and cormorants, with Dolphins and whales swimming offshore. Walking among these elegant birds, watching and observing their nests, baby steps, peculiarities and general way of life, leaves you with a priceless moment. 

Address:Punta Tombo, Chubut Province, Argentina
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punta_Tombo

7. los Cardones National Park, Payogasta, Argentina -


Located in the centre-west of the province of Salta, Los Cardones is a sweeping landscape of ravines, sierras and valleys. Asides its spectacular areas to be explored, the parks also preserve history, antiquity and nature in their fullness.

Address:RN40, Payogasta, Salta, Argentina
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Cardones_National_Park


If you are planning to spend your next vacation in Argentina, you must take some time off to enjoy the wonders of nature that this amazing city has to offer.