Parma, a city in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, is famous for its architecture, music, art and gastronomy. Known as the second-most populous city in Emilia-Romagna after Bologna, this city is a perfect travel destination and the hub for various fun activities.

If you are interested in discovering Parma in a healthy and sustainable way, then this article can be of help. You will find out so many things to do, places to go and explore during your stay in the beautiful city of Parma.

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To Eat

Apriti Sesamo - €€

A true and sustainable food place, Apriti Sesamo is marked by natural and healthy cuisines that are totally mouthwatering. At Apriti, from every meal to every detail, there is a conscious effort to ensure you enjoy a standard and memorable experience. As expected, the service is excellent just as the ambience is warm and soothing.

Images Copyright © Apriti Sesamo

Address: Via Giancarlo Rastelli, 5, 43122 Parma PR, Italy
Phone: +390521062431


Ristorante Sapori del Mondo - €€

The Sapori del Mondo Restaurant which stands out for its excellent service offers a wide choice of dishes of Indian and Italian descent. In a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere, this restaurant provides you with the 'always available opportunity' to enjoy natural cuisines, the fun way. The fish and meat specialities are particularly amazing; you just keep going back for more.  

Images Copyright © Ristorante Sapori del Mondo

Address: Via Emilia Ovest, 17/a, 43126 Parma PR, Italy
Phone: +390521291519


Festa di Rapa Biogastronomia - €€

Fitting the description of small refuge where you can explore all ranges of natural and organic gastronomy; macrobiotic, vegan or even raw food, Festa di Rapa is one outstanding bio restaurant where only organic ingredients of plant origin are welcome.

Address: Str. Luigi Carlo Farini, 49, 43121 Parma PR, Italy
Phone: +3905211402018


Humus Bio Bakery Bistro - €€

A careful and interesting combination of traditional and conventional tastes in food and structure, Humus is the real deal. Marked by bio-cuisines, it is always about stopping by, eating and feeling good. Whether for breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a lunch break, or a weekend dinner, be sure to give yourself a treat, the healthy and natural way. All products and ingredients are natural, organic and local. As a vegetarian, vegan, or a person with allergens, there is always provision for you. Visit this beautiful restaurant and you will be back for more.

Address: Via Rolando dei Capelluti, 6, 43126 Parma PR, Italy
Phone: +390521992303

To Stay

Alamire Room and Breakfast - €€

Located at a strategic position in the historic centre of Parma, on the corner of Piazza Duomo, Alamire Room and Breakfast offers you hospitality at its best. Indeed, the breakfast is great and you will enjoy a great time in an amazing ambience. Also part of the package includes a quick, professional and warm service with the free wifi perk while you enjoy your meal.

Address: Borgo Montassù, 3, 43121 Parma PR, Italy
Phone: +393386838535


CDH Hotel Villa Ducale - €€

A true eco-friendly hotel which is just a stone's throw from the centre of Parma, CDH Villa Ducale makes it possible for you to relax, have lots of fun and still respect nature. The restaurant shows its commitment to sustainability, through the choices and actions. The Villa Ducale uses a line of EcoNatural and Fiberpack products throughout the hotel. A perfect description of cosy and exquisite, CDH Villa Ducale is a great and sustainable choice for shelter while on that vacation in Pharma.

Address: Viale Europa, Via del Popolo, 81, 43122 Parma PR, Italy
Phone: +390521272727

To See

Parco Ducale

The Parco Ducale is also known as "the garden" or public garden, is a historic park in the district Oltretorrente near the Parma stream. Generally, a beautiful location that holds a lot of history, Parco Ducale is spectacular for its natural scenery, trees, fish pond, children's play area and intriguing statues.

Address: 43125 Parma, Province of Parma, Italy


Baptistery of Parma

Another historical sensation, the Baptistery of Parma is a religious edifice which marks a transition between the Romanesque and Gothic styles, architecturally and as such, is considered to be among the most important Medieval monuments in Europe. Although made of numerous intriguing and spectacular features, the most striking part of the Baptistery is its painted domed ceiling. Be sure to have a phenomenal experience after exploring this edifice.

Address: Piazza Duomo, 43121 Parma PR, Italy

An unforgettable experience is what you should expect or look forward to on that trip to Pharma because it is nothing less as a city, from the food and wine to the natural, cultural, artistic and historical heritage. Explore Pharma the healthy and sustainable way today and you will be back on your next vacation.