We are so happy to get to know more about Domestic. This restaurant is dedicated and passionate about the food they serve as well as its guests. Check out this revealing and interesting interview with this top restaurant.

Please introduce yourself

We are three owners of Domestic. Two chefs and one waiter. We started the restaurant in October 2015. Our mission was to create a restaurant with a home(y) feeling. We wanted to showcase the local surroundings - fishermen, farmers and foragers. We wanted the feeling to b casual but professional.

After a little over a year, we receive a Michelin star in 2017 and got the award as a best new young chef in Europe the same year.

Our plan has to produce as much as possible in house. So everything from bread, vinegar, miso, soy sauce to butter and a big array of dairy. We also do our own beers, kombucha, juices and ciders.

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Can you describe your place and its history?

Our restaurant is quite “raw”. Exposed wooden table and brick walls. Items of furniture are designed in collaboration with a Danish furniture company Sibast Furniture. The wall is cover in natural shelves and is stack with jars filled with all the preserves. The restaurant is big and there is plenty of space between the tables, so you can have a very intimate experience.

At the end of the restaurant, there are windows overlooking our outside space, where you can enjoy snacks and champagne. At the end of the menu, you will be seated in our cosy wine cellar for coffee and sweets.

Where do you source your produce and products? 

We source our produce from small farmers, fishermen and forager. All of our producers are local and we have a weekly dialogue about seasonally changes. This way of getting ingredients is the most sustainable and the quality of the produces are the best.

Do you have a favourite recipe? Private or for the restaurant

We try to cook as simple as possible. During start summer the best thing is to pan roast some white asparagus in some butter. Steam some summer cabbage and serve them with some roasted yeast and a sauce made from mead.

During winter time roast some cabbage and kale in an extremely hot pan and serve with a poached egg yolk and a little bit of homemade shoyu.

What is your favourite dish?

We don’t have a favourite dish, but we have some ingredients which become the star. We like to cook with vegetables, fish and meat when it is in peak season. During the years we have found some ingredients we return to every year and perfect the way to handle them.

Do you have a signature dish? And if, what is it?

We do a koji dessert. We make a mousse from roasted barley koji and milk liquor. We fill a sweet taco with the mouse and then arrange different herbs, flowers and berries. It showcase or cuisine very well. In the summertime the flowers, berries and herbs change weekly and some time daily. And during the winter months - when nothing grows - we turn to our larder and find different kind of preserved berries, fruit, flower and herbs.

What advice would you give about following sustainable/ eco-conscious practices? 
What do you do in particular to be sustainable or eco-conscious?

One step at the time. Start to incorporate a project or step at a time, and when it feels natural to start a new project.

How do you define your cuisine style?

Local and seasonal driven. Our cuisine is defined by our farmers and growers. So a constant change in micro seasons and an effort to preserve as much as possible. During the winter months, it is important to have a diverse larder.

Does your restaurant have a particular clientèle?

Our clientele is very versatile. From couples, in there mid 20’s to ’60s. For the most part, it is coupled. But we also have a business which is in a group from 4-25 people.

Could you share with us a seasonal dish that our viewers/readers could make at home?

One of our favourite staff food items is - Grilling summer cabbage. Cut in half, grilled it and then dress it with miso, some mayo, different preserves and lots of herbs. Is the perfect garnish for some meat or fish. Or you can eat it as a dish.

What are the people/chefs or values that have inspired you? Are there other restaurants that you recommend?

In the nearby surroundings, we will recommend Restaurant Moment. It is a vegetarian restaurant committed to being as sustainable as possible. If we could choose freely it would be Amass, Barr, Maaemo, Frantzen, Koks, Chambre Separere, Ernst or Noma. When we started the restaurant we were very inspired by Faviken, Dan Barber, Noma and Kadeau.

Please check the websites and addresses below:

Restaurant Moment - Ravnen 1, 8410 Rønde, Denmark
Amass - Refshalevej 153, 1432 København, Denmark
BarrStrandgade 93, 1401 København, Denmark
Maaemo Dronning Eufemias gate 23, 0194 Oslo, Norway
Frantzen - Klara Norra kyrkogata 26, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
KoksFrammi við Gjónna, Leynavatn, Faroe Islands
Chambre SeparereKeizer Karelstraat 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium
ErnstGerichtstraße 54, 13347 Berlin, Germany
Noma Refshalevej 96, 1432 København K, Denmark
Fäviken - Closed
Dan Barber ( Blue Hill ) -
 75 Washington Pl, New York, NY 10011, United States
Kadeau Wildersgade 10B, 1408 København, Denmark

Restaurant Domestic 

Contact details:

Address: Mejlgade 35B, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Phone: +45 61 43 70 10