In order to experience Milan in a sustainable way, we have chosen these places for you where you can sleep, eat, shop in an eco-sustainable way. Milan should have a spot on your bucket list. It's a lively and charming city with its historical architecture, churches, cathedrals and top-quality restaurants. It is also the second-most populous city in Italy. Be a responsible traveller, promote sustainability and eco-friendliness.

To Stay

Babila Hostel & Bistrot - €€

In the heart of Milan, in the fashion district, there is a charming neo-gothic building from 1895 housing the Babila Hostel & Bistrot. It is a design hostel; a peaceful spot to rest and relax in the heart of the city, after a day of walking through shops in the noisy urban noise.

Babila's Bistrot & Bar has developed into a place to meet new friends, sharing ideas and life experiences. It welcomes everyone, visitors & locals for casual evenings over a few drinks, enjoying Chef Atif's delicious dishes.
In August 2017, after an extensive renovation of the historical building, the Babila Hostel & Bistrot was built turning it into an ideal design venue with a cosy and comfortable atmosphere!

They try to be as green as possible, that is why they have chosen to take steps to mitigate their environmental effects since they opened.
Babila Hostel & Bistrot is an excellent location for eco-conscious living and leisure.

Photography Copyright credit to Riccardo Bartoli Photography
Images Copyright © Babila Hostel & Bistrot

Address: Via Conservatorio, 2/A, 20122 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +390236588490


Hotel Milano Scala - €€€

The Milano Scala is situated in the centre of Milan, in the district of Bréra, built inside a historical palace of Milan from the XIX century. The first hotel in the city with zero emissions.

The Hotel Milano Scala is seducingly charming, with its safe and green restaurant and cosy, prestige fully finished rooms that combine a distinctive style with the attention to details and environmental sustainability.

Hotel Milano Scala offers you a splendid example of Italian Excellency, from the welcoming lounge bar to the panoramic terrace, where you can discover the beauty of Milan enjoying a classic Milanese aperitif.
Their philosophy is driven by the use of technology which reduces energy and heat emissions and is based on an ecological principle.

Address: Via dell'Orso, 7, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +3902870961

To Eat

Good Blue - €€

They serve only the freshest fish, fished or farmed in an environmentally friendly manner, using sustainable techniques and species conservation criteria.
Good Blue has been born out of young entrepreneurs' idea and dedication, who take care of food safety and environmental sustainability in all its forms.
In order to guarantee a high-quality standard, their raw materials are chosen from the accredited and eco-sustainable supply chains.
The restaurant is furnished with recycled materials. The packaging they use is fully plastic-free and biodegradable.

Images Copyright © Goodblue Srl

Address: Via Alessandro Volta, 10, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +390223669744


Ratanà - €€€€

Ratanà is located in the historical building of the 18th century and sits between Garibaldi and Porta Nuova District's futuristic houses. Ratanà is a modern Osteria, experience new traditional cuisine as one of the first in Italy, built to make a difference and to contribute to the growth and promotion of a healthy gastronomic community. They provide revisited Milan and Lombard cuisine according to Cesare Battisti's and his team's imagination.

A menu that on the one hand interprets its region's gastronomic heritage and on the other, the freer expression of modern cooking. It is influenced by tradition and contemporary, mixing flavours and contemporary techniques that enrich, diversify and experiment with the seemingly simple development of dishes.
Slowfood sees Ratanà as a role model to inspire himself so that the product is fine, clean and honest not only but the manufacturer's ethics.

Images Copyright © Ratanà

Address: Via Gaetano de Castillia, 28, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +390287128855


Organic Pizza and Food - €€

Organic pizza and food deliver beautiful food, delicious pizza and friendly service in a comfortable environment. They always look for high quality, local, sustainable and seasonal raw materials and choose producers who care for the environment, for nature and for the welfare of animals. They use only the best organic flour in Italy. You shouldn't miss visiting organic pizza and food in Milan.

Address: Via Morigi, 8, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +390236632794

To Shop

Ambroeus - €€

Selected by The New York Times as one of the five places to visit in the Isola neighbourhood, Ambroeus looks at the past for inspiration but places itself in the present, offering a selection where vintage is the distinctive characteristic of a contemporary style with an edge.

The project, born in October 2015, is based on the belief that buying second-hand clothing is the best step towards a new, sustainable and ethical way of experiencing and consuming fashion, with a constant eye on current and future trends.

A virtuous cycle that lets clothes have a second life by giving the new owners the chance to dress in a unique way, even on a small budget.

Images Copyright © Ambroeus

Address: Via Pastrengo, 15, 20159 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +390236592537


Nicoletta Fasani - €€

Nicoletta Fasani is an Italian brand founded in 2010, which produces women's dresses. Nicoletta's development, between design and craftsmanship, is characterized by transforming and modular costumes emerging from the study of simple geometric forms.
The simplicity of geometry is the cornerstone of their collections.
Simple types such as the square and the rectangle can be worn in various ways according to the size and seams. Tops that become a dress or skirt, a dress that transforms into a sweater or scarf.
For its production, Nicoletta uses organic material such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo fibre, seeds from Como factories. They have an ancient history of Italian textile production and fine-grained fabrics from large-scale textile production, giving new life to waste materials. If you're around Milan, be sure to visit!

Images Copyright © Nicoletta Fasani 

Address: Via Paolo Mantegazza, 36, 20156 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +393480617221

To Do

Acànto Milan Tours - €€

Experience Milan through ACÀNTO for your perfect tour. It was set up by cultural and communication practitioners. Acànto will provide guided tours and guides in all languages for any tour. 
With splendid itineraries for discovering the works of art and the world from where they originated to the Adventurous TRAVELERS in search of the extraordinary. Destinations vary from famous to unknown places, which have been seen or revisited with new eyes in order not only to capture cultural and artistic matters but also their anecdotes and details.

Address: Via Francesco Soave, 24, 20135 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +393398331443


SpiciulArt Bike Tour Milano

Enjoy a different and unexpected bike ride in Milan. Slow cycling tours to get to know Milan from another angle. The desire to be "different" in tourism, slow, attentive and sustainable.

Moving on a bicycle provides a special interaction with space and time so that details, complexities and atmospheres are completely understood.
They are designed to combine elegance and protection so that they can access points of interest by prioritizing cycle routes and roads with little traffic.

They commit themselves to increasingly making Milan safer and available for cyclists. You can share an eco-sustainable way of doing tourism if you choose to experience this with them.

Address: Via Ponte Seveso, 33, 20125 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +39 02 67 07 21 45

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