Paris is a great place to visit and enjoy a sustainable weekend. There are many fun activities to do and beautiful places to explore while on a vacation in this amazing city and discover sustainable accommodations, shops, restaurants, cafes and sightseeing. Take a look.

Best Places To Sleep


Hidden hotel

The Hidden Hotel is a perfect option for persons visiting Paris who want eco-friendly accommodation that is well-equipped and accessible. The hotel provides easy access to the business and tourist areas of the city. Guests also get to enjoy living in a simple, sustainable, and friendly environment with ample supporting facilities. 


Eden Lodge Paris

Eden Lodge Paris is a zero-carbon house that provides sustainable, environmentally friendly accommodation for patrons. Two categories of suites and three categories of rooms are available to guests of Eden Lodge Paris.

The lodge is built to provide sustainable and friendly homes for guests. Each room of Eden Lodge Paris has a unique creative design. The design of the entire guest house gives off a holiday feel.


To Eat


La Recyclerie

For over five years, La Recyclerie has been committed to the organic food industry. The restaurant applies the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle in ensuring eco-responsibility. At the restaurant, you can grab lunch and snacks.

The restaurant makes homemade local and seasonal cuisine with the highest quality of natural products. Home drinks, beers, organic or bulk wine, and coffee are also available at the restaurant.   

Photography Copyright credit to Adrien Roux - Photographe / Réalisateur
Photos Copyright © La Recyclerie


Sol Semilla

Sol Semilla is a store for superfoods and a restaurant that makes and serves healthy, sustainable meals. The restaurant carefully selects only natural products and ingredients incorporated into superfoods and dishes.

You can visit Sol Semilla for meals or orders for products. Sol Semilla is located at 23 rue des Vinaigriers 75010 Paris. 

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This eco-friendly restaurant offers carte blanche menu services. For lunch, guests can get a five-step white card menu as well as food and wine pairing. For dinner, guests get a seven-step carte blanche menu, which also comes with food and wine pairing.

The restaurant offers carte blanche services and regular services from Mondays to Fridays and is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. 


To Shop


Noyoco was built out of a belief that fashion can be both cool and sustainable. The brand makes clothing items from low-impact materials such as organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, and line. The store also focuses on durability, ensuring that all pieces are sustainable and durable.

This eco-friendly brand also applies the upcycling technique utilizing materials already in existence instead of creating new ones. The brand works with a network of local producers and professionals to maintain high standards of sustainability and keep products stylish and eco friendly.  



Manifeste011 strongly believes in responsibility and transparency. All products of the brand are entirely vegan, without any form of animal material. The products available at this boutique include clothing, leather goods, and accessories.

The boutique applies materials such as cotton, hemp, and organic linen by staying away from animal products. The boutique also doesn’t sacrifice style for sustainability. As a responsible brand, Manifeste011 particularly pays attention to the working conditions of staff. 

Photos Copyright © Manifeste011


To-Do (sightseeing)


Louvre Museum

One of the top things visitors and tourists do in Paris is to visit the Louvre Museum. This sightseeing activity is a perfect inclusion for a sustainable weekend trip. The museum houses the most extensive art collection globally, with the paintings on display, including The Mona Lisa.

If you are an art enthusiast, you will particularly love visiting this museum, which has over 30,000 art pieces on display.   


Montmartre Paris

A trip to Montmartre Paris is an excellent addition to a sustainable weekend in Paris. However, situated in Paris, this village maintained its charm over the years and is an excellent site for sightseeing.

Montmartre Paris has a lot to offer, from art to its sights. You will find your visit to this village both relaxing and refreshing. 


With the vital information listed in this article, you will definitely be having the best time while spending your weekend in Paris. Download our FREE APP Local Traveller and visit our website to find out more sustainable weekend trips!