Thinking of spending some time in one of the most luxurious vacations spots in the world? Then Villa Lena should be your next point of call. Located in the Tuscan countryside and set on a sprawling 500 hectares of stunning woodland, Villa Lena is known for its luxurious bar with assorted wines, organic farm, restaurant and a welcoming ambience that makes you feel at home.  

This beautiful vacation spot is much more than a hotel; it is a place where guests enjoy contemporary culture in a wild nature with foods that are locally grown and produced. The hotel is also home to so many artists who take up residency each month alongside the guests, offering workshops and ultimately leaving behind an amazing piece of art in its ever-changing gallery.

Visitors to this hotel are also wowed by its amazing design, while kids and adults can enjoy a wide range of adventure in the wilderness, the olive guard and vineyard, artistic residency are some of the side attractions in this spot.

The Rooms

The rooms at Villa Lena were designed by Paris based Clarisse Demory with an emphasis on easy and chicky lifestyle. They are laced with vintage furniture which makes each room piece unique and decorated with art pieces produced by a past resident of the artist village.  Guests are free to rent various apartments in the estate, some of which include the ancient Fattoria, San Michele, Renacchi with six separate apartments, Stentino, three bedrooms which are best suited for groups or family gateway. 

Photography Copyright credit to Wavy, Marina Denisova and Julian Renaud

Organic foods

One beautiful thing about Villa Lena is the type of foods that visitors get to enjoy. Visitors are exposed to a wide range of vegetables, fruits, herbs which are grown on the site and others gotten from local organic producers.

A huge part of the hotel ethic is healthy eating among visitors, and that is why 70% of the food prepared is sourced from its organic farm. It’s dinner menu most times includes classic Italian dishes like burrata, gnudi, Tuscan soup, aubergine parmigiana and beef pappardelle.

Visitors can also enjoy the creamy amatriciana pasta topped with poached eggs while breakfast includes a continental spread of cheese and hams, fresh bread and cakes, light lunches are also available upon request.

Photography Copyright credit to Lottie Hampson and Coke Bartrina

Services available

Guests to this amazing hotel enjoys top-notch and first-class treatment. The employees are friendly and welcoming. To get some tips on how to enjoy your stay, all you need to do is speak with the receptionist. In addition, apart from the beautiful swimming pool, you also enjoy the yoga deck.

Other things to do at Villa Lean includes attending the weekly artist workshop, wine tasting, concerts, pool parties, barbecues, poetry patchwork and foraging workshops.

Photography Copyright credit to Elodie Timmermans and Matt Sundin

Best time to visit

Villa Lena opens mid-April annually. However, the best time to explore this wooded estate in May, June, Sept and October. High on the highs, close to the sea and far away from the crowd, the cold room gives you respite from the sun. In the colder month, there is always a secret winter bar with a wood-fired stove, and cocktails to enjoy.

Photography Copyright credit to Olivia Lopez and Frankie Mark

Best activities to engage in while on vacation at Villa Lena

Enjoy the artist workshop: This is an opportunity to learn from the resident artist, join in the debate and also participate in paintings

Hiking: You can also join the 1.5 hours guided hike, which takes guests to some of the lovely corners of the estate. 

Learn how to prepare classic Italian dishes: As a guest, you have an opportunity to join the chief chef in preparing classic Italian dishes and get a true farm to table experience.

Wine tasting: While not spend all parts of your afternoon going for wine tasting and  a cocktail at evening, you can also visit some nearby vineyard to see how it looks 

Truffle hunting: Between September and December, you have an opportunity to engage in truffle hunting season and search with expert dogs. You can take home whatever you find on the Villa.

Contact Details
Address: Strada Comunale di Toiano, 42, 56036 Toiano PI, Italy
Phone: +39 0587 083111