Nature like you've never known, the landscape of the Masseria is incredible, with one of the most beautiful coastlines near Otranto. Situated next to the famous Baia Dei Turchi, a natural bay with crystal sea water and thousands of turquoise nuances, the amazing four-star-Masseria Mongiò offers you not just an eco-friendly but authentic stay in contact with nature.

The sunsets, the beaches, the scent of the sea, and even the social life of Salento are the most beautiful moments to look forward to, creating wonderful memories.  You will also have a fun time exploring the Negroamaro wine, the chicory of Otranto, the Bauxite Mine, the Alimini Lakes, the tree of life designed inside the Cathedral of Otranto, and so much more.

In this article, asides from the surreal connection to nature, you will get to discover the amazing details of this hotel and other exciting offerings from their restaurant and spa. It's a total package!

Images Copyright credit to Masseria Mongiò dell'Elefante


The Hotel (Suites)

Masseria Mongiò dell’Elefante is unique not only because of its proximity to the sea; only 250 meters away, hidden by a wood of pines and holm oaks, but also its various individual suites, marked by comfort.

Restructured overtime to give the best feel, experience, and satisfaction, one of the major reasons behind the choice, was to reduce to the minimum the impact on the environment, making Masseria Mongiò dell’Elefante, a true eco-friendly hotel.

Images Copyright credit to Masseria Mongiò dell'Elefante


The Restaurant

In the restaurant, typical products from local farms and selected ingredients of the Salento are innovatively and elegantly transformed into simple cuisines of Salento origin and tradition but revisited in a modern way and style, offering their guests the best quality and service.

The love for aroma, colours, flavours, local seasonal fruits, and products is evident in their offerings, breakfast especially.

Owing to the proximity of the Masseria to the sea, their menu is based on fish and local vegetables which are wonderful.

The amazing selection of quality Apulian wines deliciously complements their dishes, generally giving you an exciting, healthy, and memorable gastronomic experience.

Images Copyright credit to Masseria Mongiò dell'Elefante


Wellness & Spa

For your total relaxation, all the spa offerings in Puglia are totally aimed at and effective for calming your nerves, soothing your mind, body and helping you have a beautiful time in peace and tranquillity.

They do not just have a relaxing area exclusive for their guests; they also make it possible for guests to book massages in their rooms or even on the terrace with a view of the bay; how amazing, right?

A session in the Ipogeo, with a large spa bath, Turkish bath, sauna, and also multi-sensory shower, not to mention their herbal tea corner, will totally leave you refreshed and satisfied.

Images Copyright credit to Masseria Mongiò dell'Elefante


No doubt an authentic place, featuring short walks to the sea, Masseria Mongiò dell’Elefante is definitely where you can have that unique and exclusive experience.

The landscape in the Masseria offers a view that changes every season, which is incredibly exciting due to the peculiar feel and panorama that comes with each season and the opportunity to explore the peculiarities and beauty of the place.

Truly pleasant, peaceful, and ultimately surrounded by the nature and scents of both privacy and adventure, Masseria Mongiò dell’Elefante is the perfect getaway.