The ideal getaway for honeymooners owing to its natural and romantic air, anyone who loves nature (eco-conscious), serenity, and comfort with a touch of fun, will have a swell time at The Birdhouse. Redefining eco to mean economical and ecological, this excellent glamping hotel, which aims to set new benchmarks in the Philippines boutique experiential tourism, keeps evolving and expanding.


Their Story

Started operations in Palawan in September 2016. The journey of this resort began in 2015 when the owners of The Birdhouse (a warm Filipino couple) visited El Nido as tourists, came back in October as investors, and a month later became residents. 

After purchasing some virgin land a few kilometers from town in a gorgeous location, they decided to nest and build The Birdhouse, starting with the main house (mother nest; where the owners, Mark and Camille, reside) and the first 3 nests.   

With the couple's background in interior design and real estate, they together have created a home and haven for travelers looking to experience the beauty of nature, peace, and adventure, uniquely and sustainably. Stick to the following paragraphs to find the beauty and comfort that awaits you at this fantastic resort.

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What is the Birdhouse?

The Birdhouse, a small boutique glamping hotel. It is unique to its location on Maremegmeg Beach, El Nido. A natural treasure, UNESCO recognizes the uniqueness of the area and its natural heritage and lists the area El Nido-Taytay as a Managed Resource Protected Area. 

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Where to Sleep?

Currently offering about five luxury suite tents which is an alternative setting compared to the traditional accommodation set up, the Nests on large stilt platforms are tastefully equipped with a private bathroom and more.

Created and designed as a restful base, you can relax and enjoy breathtaking tropical views from your tent and bask in the contemporary elegance the tent exudes through the creative use of earthy colors and elements plus local artistry. 

All the tents, which are freestanding and facing the beach, are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, creating absolute privacy.

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Where to Eat? (The Nesting Table)

Another exciting feature of this resort is The Nesting Table, the in-house restaurant of The Birdhouse El Nido—serving a mix of Filipino and Western food, totally delicious and healthy for the body and mind.

The restaurant also offers desserts, drinks and is perfect for a break from the beach, plus you get to enjoy some of El Nido's best views of Bacuit Bay from a hillside jungle.

As a genuinely sustainable outfit, The Birdhouse is committed to promoting permaculture, bokashi composting, and other natural agricultural practices. They partner with a farm in el Nido to ensure food security.

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El Nido Yoga

El Nido Yoga, situated on top of The Birdhouse El Nido's property, remains the only yoga studio that offers the best sunset, so you can bask in the warmth of the sun as you connect with your mind. 

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Other Facilities and Services

These include; laundry, airport shuttle, tour desk, complimentary breakfast, games, a garden, concierge, eco toiletries and more, to ensure you have a pleasurable, intimate, comfortable, adventurous, and memorable stay.

The Birdhouse, which is intimate and eco-friendly, appeals to and caters to discerning and adventurous travelers. The Birdhouse El Nido recognizes the need for eco-sustainability in its development and consistently strives to be a social enterprise where the contemporary blends sustainably with nature, contributing to the survival of the eco-system.

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Started as a home but evolved into a boutique glamping hotel on the Maremegmeg Beach, The Birdhouse remains nothing short of home to the weary traveler, providing shelter, comfort, and other necessities required to have a perfect rest time or getaway.

Whenever you visit Palawan or El Nido, you would be doing yourself an excellent service if you allow The Birdhouse to help you have the perfect eco-sustainable stay, experiencing glamping as you've never known it and making beautiful memories. You will be glad you stayed at this slice of paradise!