Puglia is a scenic region close to the Adriatic Sea. It is a beautiful, unique and nicknamed the "Heel of the Italian Boot.” Puglia is also home to amazing picturesque beaches and farmhouses that are enclosed by baroque cathedrals and olive trees. 

Given the culinary traditions of the area and its scenic splendour, it is only natural that it is also a perfect spot for some first-class luxurious hotels. What's more, you can also find some great eco-sustainable hotels and lodges in Puglia. Let's take a look at some of them in this article.

1. Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & SPA, Ostuni, Italy -


This exquisite hotel is set in an 18th-century building in Ostuni about 10 km from Costa Merlata. It is about 38 km from the Brindisi – Salento airport. The Paragon 700 is a blend of luxury, functionality, class, and eco-sustainability.

It is a testimony to green hospitality with its architectural designs, improved energy consumption, improved waste management elimination of plastic and reduced CO2 emissions, and better water management. Its cuisine is also based on organic and seasonal products supplied by "sustainable" vendors. 

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Address:Largo Michele Ayroldi Carissimo, 14, 72017 Ostuni BR, Italy
Phone: +39 0831 369219
Website: https://www.paragon700.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paragon700/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paragon700/

2. Corallo Eco Wellness Hotel, Contrada Bastianello, Noci, Italy -


This hotel provides an original experience based on three principles: nature, well-being, and sustainability. Hemmed in by 14 hectares of woodland, some hiking trails, and a rural yet captivating landscape, the Corallo Eco Wellness Hotel is situated in an old-world, bucolic building that is only 4 km from Noci town centre.

Visitors at the hotel can easily tour the architectural and cultural exhibits at the Museo del Territorio "Casa Pezzolla" which is only 15 km away. The cuisine doesn't disappoint; it is based on seasonal and organic products. 

Address:Sp 34, km 3, 70015 Contrada Bastianello, Noci BA, Italy
Phone: +39 320 264 3359
Website: https://www.corallocountryhotel.com/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/corallocountryhotel/

3. Green Garden Eco Holiday, Defensola, Italy -


The Green Garden Eco-Holiday boasts of waterfront apartments with balconies and is set in the Gargano National Park which is only 400 m from the beach,3 km from the port of Vieste, and about 45 km from Lake Varano. This eco-friendly establishment is driven by a philosophy based on eco-sustainable tourism as reflected in its Green building and tasty wholesome cuisine that is organic and local.

Some of the sustainability practices you will find at the hotel are energy-saving lights, solar thermal panels for hot water, ecological cleaning products, and water flow reducer. The hotel is dedicated to saving resources, so it does a lot of waste recycling and reusing rainwater.

Address:Contrada Defensola, 32, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy
Phone: +39 346 887 6164
Website: https://www.greengardenvieste.it/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/greengardenvieste/

4. Villa Patrizia, Il Poggio, Italy -


Located in Porto Cesareo, this hotel was recently refurbished to achieve sustainability. It is situated in the "Poggio" residential area that is roughly 800 square meters from the marine area. It is a mere 5 min from the centre of the small town and about 10 min from the beaches of Salento. Visitors to the area have the opportunity to enjoy eco-sustainable accommodation which perfectly melds into the terrain.

The hotel is designed to support the local economy while promoting "eco" activities. Its dedication to eco-sustainability is reflected in the use of class A air conditioning, waste recycling, water flow reducers, ecological cleaning products, and the recovery and use of rainwater, among others. 

Address:Via Plotino, 7, 73010 Il Poggio LE, Italy
Phone: +39 349 791 3571
Website: https://villapatriziasalento.it/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/villapatriziasalento.it/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/villapatriziasalento/

5. MATER, BED & FOOD, , Italy -


Located within the ​​Torre Guaceto, an uncontaminated environment that stretches for about seven kilometres along the Brindisi coast, the Mater Bed & Food in Serranova offers sustainable accommodation, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, and a terrace among other facilities. It is essentially an old farmhouse that was renovated and recovered in a bioclimatic key with a focus on sustainable tourism and environmental protection.

Address:Strada Comunale 34, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy
Phone: +39 334 819 3856
Website: https://www.mater-bio.it/bed-fo/

6. Eco Del Mare, Monopoli, Italy -


The Eco Del Mare is a seafront property with a great view of the sea. It is a 10-minute drive from Forte Dei Marmi and some 40km from The Cinque Terre National Park. Its buildings are essentially made with environmentally friendly materials that are certified in Class A while sporting like air conditioning, independent heating system, washing machine, dishwasher, TV, kettle, microwave, wifi, and kitchen utensils among others. One of the selling points of the Eco Del Mare is the lush greenery that surrounds each apartment.

Address:Contrada Losciale, 70043 Monopoli BA, Italy
Phone: +39 347 802 6310
Website: http://www.ecodelmare.eu/

Whenever you are in the Puglia area you should give yourself a treat by visiting the top 6 eco-sustainable hotels and lodges listed in this article. It is an experience that is worth giving a try. Download our FREE APP Local Traveller or visit our website to find out more Eco-friendly and sustainable spots!