We are a tourism generation that loves to go to exciting places and explore the activities around there. We want to have a taste of their food, their wines, and every cuisine they make. Go from beach to beach, then climb high up the mountains. In Oslo, you can do all of these without stress and we are here to help you achieve your goals with the best sustainable restaurants to keep you fed and energized. Below are nine of Oslo’s sustainable restaurants you can visit to have a taste of deliciousness and satisfy your cravings.

1. Restaurant Kontrast, , Norway -


Restaurant Kontrast, a modern and stylish restaurant that captures the hearts of every tourist in Oslo. We have been trying to dig up Konstrast little love secret but we’ve only been able to come up with the fact that Kontrast is a careful restaurant. Yes, they use ingredients made only from the best farms; ingredients that are both local and fresh!

They serve meals made only from world-class, ethical and organic ingredients from Norway farmers. Kontrast serves meat from free and healthy animals. And we love that the Kontrast menu changes with the season. They always beat the game when it comes to getting us filled with deliciousness, bringing colourful and tasty meals to the table, and holding a crowd in the most peaceful environment— Kontrast is truly what they create.

When you take your first step to Mathallen Oslo, not far from Grünerløkka you will spot the most radiant sunlight in Oslo. A place where you can dine and drink with your family and friends. A great place to meet new people and get to share life expectancies. Oslo is a beautiful place to visit, Restaurant Konstrast adds more brightness to it.

Photo Copyright © Restaurant Kontrast

Address:Maridalsveien 15a, 0175 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 21 60 01 01
Website: http://www.restaurant-kontrast.no
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Restaurant-Kontrast-Oslo-569993719764014
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kontrast.oslo

2. Louise Restaurant & Bar, , Norway -


Louise restaurant and bar is both a vital part of Aker Brygge and the favourite of many Oslo residents. Being the first restaurant of its kind, Louise has lasted in the food business by serving only the best natural and mouth-watering seafood. The seafood platter with king crab, oysters, langoustines, shrimp, scallops, salmon and mussels are well made and available.

 When you walk into Louise you will receive a warm welcome and your orders will be taken. Louise employees are well trained and helpful, they patiently help you make the right choice of food, then they ensure you are seated comfortably. They always respond favourably to the request of their guest. If you are touring Oslo, Louise is a great place to start from and you will be convinced to return for more delicious seafood.

Photo Copyright © Louise Restaurant & Bar

Address:Stranden 3, 0250 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 83 00 60
Website: https://www.restaurantlouise.no
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouiseRestaurant
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louiserestaurant

3. Kolonihagen Frogner, , Norway -


Kolonihagen, a neighbourhood restaurant dedicated to making an impact in the wine market welcomes you with fine food and wine. When you find yourself in the heart of Frogner borough, don’t leave without taking a walk to Kolinihagen.

 Kolonihagen Chef, Jorge Ravnebeg has a strong conviction on using nothing but organic ingredients from sustainable wine producers. He has dedicated his time to supplying fine wines to the restaurant. When you walk into this cosy restaurant, you will be greeted by the nice smell of different meals cooking, then the catchy interior that draws you in.

With fifteen seats, Kolonihagen can take as many people as you bring in. Kolonihagen's extensive wine list can be served by glass or by the bottle. We love Kolonihagen because it’s a great gateway for businesses. You can have a business meeting enjoying all sorts of toothsomeness in Oslo.

On Kolonihagen's first floor— a private chamber kept aside for private parties and business events with big screens, projectors and a sound system that’s perfect for your event. The second private dining, the mezzanine can accommodate twenty of you just in case the first isn’t what you are looking for. Enjoy Kolonihagen tailor-made drink menu and dishes.

Address:Frognerveien 33, 0263 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 993 16 810
Website: https://www.kolonihagenfrogner.no
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kolonihagen
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kolonihagenfrogner

4. Restaurant Einer, , Norway -


Einer's menu revolves around vegetarian and seafood. Einer dishes are fully-flavoured and still maintain the old cooking tradition. When Einers’s food appears in front of you, they taste like grandma homemade dishes; well smoked, fermented, or preserved through salting and pickling. 

The homey atmosphere makes it relaxing for a good meal. Restaurant Einer is located in Prinsens gate 18, Oslo, Norway. Einers vegetarian menu features different organic products made from sustainable ingredients. 

At Einer you can match your skillfully cooked meals with fine wines from sustainable wine producers all over Oslo. Einers food is reasonably priced, the taste is fire and the environment is welcoming. The menu is constantly changed based on seasons and opened from Tuesdays to Saturday's.

Address:Prinsens gate 18, 0152 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 41 55 55
Website: https://restauranteiner.no
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restauranteiner
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restauranteiner

5. Sushibar+Wine, , Norway -


All the details you need is in the name, Sushi Bar. A sustainable restaurant in Oslo. For Sushibar, it’s not all about the taste of the food, but a healthy environment for the people of Oslo and tourists around. If you are looking for a reliable restaurant that’s eco-friendly and serves the best seafood, Sushibar has you covered. The restaurant and wine bar is concerned with creating an ethical eco-friendly environment and minimising food wattage.

When you walk into Sushibar, you are graced with a plate of quality and freshness; made with the best ingredients available in Oslo. This restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere and delicious sushi. Glorified with beautiful and tasteful modern art, an up-high ceiling, a crowd that makes it more interesting and fun, then the lovely employees that respond to you quickly.
The restaurant wines are also made from quality and fresh ingredients and are moderately priced. Sushibar +wine is a classic and fun restaurant. The crowd is a mix of tourists and locals craving only the best of Oslo good dishes.

Visit their other location at:
Sushibar+Wine Valkyrie Plass
Address: Bogstadveien 58, 0366 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 404 30 036

Address:Prinsens gate 8, 0152 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 404 30 035
Website: https://sushibarwine.com/en/oslo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushibarwineposthallen
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sushibarwine

6. Omakase Oslo, , Norway -


Omakase operates with an interesting mindset – "offering only unique experience ". At Omakase, guests are offered Japanese Sushi. Think about the joy and excitement when you see a gold medal chef. You know that your stomach is about to get awarded something special. 

Chef Vladimir Pak is not just one of the most influential chefs in the world, he is one of a kind. He pays attention to every single detail and cravings of his guest, then he puts all of these into consideration and creates wonder. We have no doubt that Chef Vladimir will win your heart.

 Omakase ( you can do what the name says); trust the chef with your stomach and trust the team with your heart. Omakase is a lovely environment to be in. The ambience is welcoming, the employees are well-trained and friendly. 

With a maximum of ten seats around the counter, a unique interior combined with Japanese design, you can eat, drink and while away time with your friends. Get ready for some surprise!

Address:Ruseløkkveien 3, 0251 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 456 85 022
Website: https://www.omakaseoslo.no
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omakaseoslo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omakase_oslo

7. Rest Restaurant Oslo, , Norway -


Secretly we all desire to have enough. Enough of everything and maybe in excess. This desire is different for Rest Restaurant. They want enough but not too much. It becomes a waste. Rest is a sustainable restaurant that gives to the community. Food waste is recognized as a major challenge and a grave insult in Rest. This is why Rest has devised a means that brings a different taste and experience your way— one that can’t be wasted.

Rest menu is comprehensive; made with Unique ingredients— ones only found in treasured farms and markets. When you taste Rest meals; lunch or dinner, doubt would be cleared instantly from your hearts. Good food is cooked by good restaurants.

Rest provides an extensive list of fine wines you can pair with your meals at any time. They are carefully chosen and made from sustainable ingredients.

Rest Restaurants are considerate and take into heart the likes and dislikes of their guests. If you are a sensitive eater, don't forget to mention it to Rest employees as you make a reservation or put down your order— watch a beautiful miracle unfold in your eyes!

Address:Kirkegata 1-3, 0153 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 922 50 016
Website: https://www.restaurantrest.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restaurantrest
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restrestaurant

8. Restaurant Fjord, , Norway -


Besides Restaurant Fjord delightful meals, they serve organic wines from small, independent producers. Sometimes when you combine different things at the same time, you can end up with something different and special. Restaurant Fjord offers an exciting and satisfying menu made from fresh and unique ingredients.

Restaurant Fjord’s talented chefs and employees don’t just make the best meals, they are one of Oslo's favourites; the atmosphere is welcoming, the workers are kind and helpful and at Restaurant Fjord you can always look forward to something new!

Address:Kristian Augusts gate 11, 0164 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 98 21 50
Website: https://restaurantfjord.no/english
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RestaurantFjord
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restaurantfjord_oslo

9. TUNCO Oslo Street Food, , Norway -


We all have a dream. We all want to become someone different or influentIal, we dream of travelling, making an impact, touching hearts, creating things. For Tunco, the dream is to make healthy, thoughtful, and sustainable food available to everyone. Isn’t this beautiful? Tunco’s dream is in no way selfish. 

Through their dream, goals and core values they have been able to create a sustainable restaurant that makes meals from sustainable ingredients at its peak. These meals didn’t just fulfil Tunco’s dreams, they get digested and fill the heart of Oslo with love and create a change by giving hope to a child in need every day.

Restaurant Tunco is where your heart and spirit are touched. Every spoon you devour is precious, every ingredient is fresh and unique and each plate is made with so much love— to you, it’s one good meal, to Tunco it’s a dream come true— it’s the deep essence of who they are!
We can define Tunco with four simple words; fun, smile, integrity and curiosity. Don’t be surprised when you walk in and to all of these. Smiles.

Address:Torggata 16, 0183 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 407 03 100
Website: https://www.tunco.no
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TUNCO.no
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/instatunco


Oslo is a beautiful place to tour. We hope you find the experience and joy you are searching for. When you feel tired and in need of a place to rest your head; let Oslo pamper you with their best meals and fine wines. There is only one problem, don’t be stingy. LOL, share the love and fine wine with one or two friends of the family. And don’t forget to smile.