As its nickname, "the island of beauty, Corsica is truly an island of immense beauty and one of the top places to visit and spend time reflecting while enjoying the views of some beautiful beaches. This travel destination with about 1,000 km coastline and 200 beaches, will get you confused about the best place to enjoy a sunny day.

This is why we have put together the best and most beautiful beaches available in Corsica. Take a look.


1. Palombaggia, , France -


Palombaggia is located on the southern coast of Corsica. This famous beauty has postcard-worthy scenery and lies in the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio. Even with its famous nature, the water of Palombaggia has remained crystal clear.

The crystal clear water is thus one of the top reasons for the popularity of the beach. You will also love Palombaggia because of the umbrella pines that contribute majorly to its scenery. 

Address:Palombaggia, France

2. Plage de Saleccia, , France -


Located on the northern coast of Corsica, Plage de Saleccia has about 1 km of clean, clear white sands. Except during the tourist months, especially from August, the beach is mostly deserted. You can access Plage de Saleccia with a boat.

If you want to spend time on an inaccessible, deserted beach that will most likely not be overcrowded, Plage de Saleccia is a great option. Its white sands and turquoise waters are ready to welcome you.


Address:Plage de Saleccia, France

3. Rondinara Beach, Bonifacio, France -


This shell-shaped beach is arguably one of the best options if you are looking for unspoiled waters and a beach where you can experience nature in the most undiluted way. Rondinara beach has abundant white sands and turquoise waters. The sheltered beach is located between large rocks and is quite easy to access. Rondinara beach gets steady visitors.

The activity on the beach is especially turned up during the tourist months. You will find visitor-friendly structures, including ice-cream, stands on this beach. A campsite is also located just 400 meters away from the beach. Rondinara Beach is a notable site for snorkelling in Corsica, and it especially receives families as visitors.  

Address:20169 Bonifacio, France

4. Plage de l'Ostriconi, Palasca, France -


The combination of the lush green mountains, clear waters and white sands makes Plage de l'Ostriconi a unique sight to behold. The white waters are surrounded by many trees that easily provide shelter to visitors.

Plage de l'Ostriconi is located on the northern shore, close to L’Île-Rousse. As L’Île-Rousse is a big town which protesters like to explore for its port activities and history, visitors can easily combine a trip to the beach and a visit to L’Île-Rousse. The beach could be described as isolated, as it is not very accessible. Thus, it is hardly overcrowded.    

Address:Plage de l'Ostriconi, Palasca, France

5. Plage De Roccapina, Sartène, France -


Roccapina beach is popular for its waters and the fact that it is simply a sight to behold. The beach is also associated with a legend. It is said that the backdrop of the beach, a lion-shaped rock formation, used to be a hiding place for thieves to store their stolen gems.

The legend also goes that gems in the rock, when the light shone on them, were modified. The water of Roccapina beach is shallow, making it quite family-friendly. While the beach could be described as accessible because of the nearby car parks, it does not have a lot of facilities. 

Address:Unnamed Rd,, 20100 Sartène, France

6. Plage du petit Sperone, Bonifacio, France -


Plage du Petit is the smaller of the Seprone beaches, two of the rugged beaches of Corsica. The beach is just about 100m long, in the midst of scrubland. The beach has the perfect elements of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a combination of white sands and crystalline waters.

Address:Pointe de Sperone, 20169 Bonifacio, France


Corsica is home to some of the best beaches in France. The options above are some of the top ones you should consider when planning a beach day in Corsica. Download our FREE APP Local Traveller and visit our website to find more beautiful beaches!