Corsica is known all over Europe because of its natural attractions and picturesque landscape scenery. It is one of the favourite places for hikers, beach lovers and those who love adventure. Corsica is blessed with its amazing beaches, scenic mountains and its mediterranean sea coast. This region also offers charming villages and hamlets that are surrounded by mountains and sea
We collected 6 stunning villages for you to discover. They are all exceptionally stunning villages overlooking picturesque bays. There you can walk around and relieve yourself from stress. Discover their beauty, their charming narrow streets, magical houses made of granite, fascinating historic towers, old churches, stunning seaside scenery and last but not least, experience their authentic Corsican cuisine and local breverages. Be sure to visit these lovely villages full of history and unique character from this island.

1. Sant'Antonino, Sant'Antonino, France -


Sant'Antonino is the oldest and one of the most beautiful villages in Corsica. This medieval hill village has charming narrow streets, beautiful houses, cosy cafes and local shops. 

This village also known as Eagle's Nest, it offers spectacular views of the coast and sea. Sant'Antonino is a perfect and ideal place for hiking and walking to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Village and surrounding area.

Address:20220 Sant'Antonino, France
Website:'Antonino ,_Haute-Corse

2. Vescovato, Vescovato, France -


Vescovato is among the historical villages in the Corsica region. Its name derives from the Italian term for "bishopric". According to Lucien Auguste Letteron, the name would originate from the Bishop of Mariana, Opizzu Cortincu who founded the new village. 
This village has a historic Baroque church of St. Martin and it was set of a roman catholic diocese between 1440 and 1570. 

Vescovato is located on the eastern hills of Castagniccia. This mountainside village is a lovely and quiet village. Travellers like this village because of its original and unchanged structures and architecture.

Address:20215 Vescovato, France
Website: ,_Haute-Corse

3. Évisa, Évisa, France -


This breathtaking mountain village. Offers dramatic landscapes of Corsica's mountains. There's a lot of ways to enjoy Évisa such as their great mountain hiking trails, village walking and swimming. An ideal place for nature lovers and adventure goers. Discover the beauty of the mountains, forest and this Mediterranean islands nature.

Address:20126 Évisa, France

4. Nonza, Nonza, France -


Nonza is an ancient medieval fortress located above the cliff, a scenic village on the western shore of Cap Corse overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The village and the beach are surrounded by mountains and the pure beauty of the native flora and fauna. 
You can really enjoy this village by walking and discovering its old stone houses and beautiful views of The Tower of Nonza, a Genoese tower. Nonza has a quiet and wonderful beach with black pebbles, but due to its strong currents and high waves swimming is not permitted.
In Nonza traditional and authentic Corsican cuisine is found everywhere coupled with their amazing local beers you can't go wrong dining anywhere.

Address:20217 Nonza, France

5. Speloncato, Speloncato, France -


Speloncato is perfectly perched on top of the mountains. It is another spectacular village in the ancient western Corsica region where the highest peaks of the island rise. This village has a population of 290 people and was built mainly from granite rocks.

Like all the villages on this list, walking is the best way to discover its charming alleys, cafes, shops and the spectacular views overlooking the Reginu valley and the Balanin coastline. This picturesque village is a must without a doubt.

Address:Speloncato, France

6. Erbalunga, Brando, France -


Erbalunga is a tranquil village between the mountain and the sea, situated in the commune of Brando at the east coast of Corsica. In this village, you will see the ruins of the Genoese tower called Torra d'Erbalunga that was built in 1488. The Ruins of this Genoese tower is listed as a Historical Monument since 1995.

Erbalunga is one of the most beautiful villages in Corsica as well as the whole Mediterranean. This lovely village has an authentic atmosphere, narrow historic streets, Corsican style houses and delicious Corsican dishes. Here you can find cafes, pizzerias and even Michelin-starred restaurants and you can sit at their terraces offering relaxing views.
bring your loved ones to this truly romantic village and you won't regret it.

Address:Erbalunga, 20222 Brando, France

Any of these villages are a fantastic destination for your next trip.
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