Are you looking for a genuine Andalusian escape, a walk through artistically curated narrow cobbled streets. Then this is the article you're looking for. We gathered 6 Whitewashed villages or Pueblos Blancos like they say in Spanish that we think are worth the visit and in need of discovering. These villages are perched on the mountains of the Málaga Province. Discover their unique surroundings, histories and culture. Check these villages and find out more villages in Andalusian region that you need to discover so don't miss out in our next blog!

1. Casares, Casares, Spain -


The first one in our list is Casares. This charming village is located in the panoramic mountainous views of the province of Malaga. This typical Andalusian whitewashed village is a picturesque village and its houses painted in white and lovely flowers hanging from the windowsills, Moorish cliff-hugging buildings, cosy narrow streets with a breathtaking panoramic view of the mediterranean sea. There are cafes and bars around to enjoy typical and classic Andalusian delicacies and drinks with great value for money.

This village is the birthplace of  Blas Infante Pérez de Vargas a Spanish Andalucista politician, Georgist, writer, historian and musicologist, he is known as the father of Andalusia. 
Baños de la Hedionda a Roman sulphur bath is located in Casares where it supposedly cured of a liver complaint of Julius Caesar. It is one of the attractions in Casares, others include, the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (from the 17th century) and the Convent of Santa Catalina (from the 16th century) an Arab ruin castle.

There's still more to learn about this village. a truly amazing and lovely village that’s worth a visit to experience an authentic Andalusian getaway.

Address:29690 Casares, Málaga, Spain
Website: ,_Malaga

2. Ronda, Ronda, Spain -


Ronda is an extraordinary village perched on the mountains of Malaga about 750 m above sea level. The Guadalevín River runs through the city and with its 35000 inhabitants Ronda is a well-visited place aside from closeby Malaga. With historic attractions like El Tajo, a canyon that’s 100m deep where the bridge called "Puente Nuevo" or New bridge spans over its gorge. There are the Old Bridge "Puente Viejo" and Puente Romano that also span the canyon but the New bridge is the most famous one. The construction started in 1751 and took until 1793 to complete. The bridge connects El Mercadillo (The Market) to La Ciudad (the old and new towns) naturally separated by El Tajo

Ronda is said to be the birthplace of bullfighting and bullring called The Plaza de Toros de Ronda, José Martín de Aldehuela the architect, built it in 1784 in a neoclassical style. He also designed el Puente Nuevo. 

Like Casares above Ronda is a beautiful and interesting place to walk through and enjoy the narrow streets while discovering the history and breathtaking scenery.


Address:29400 Ronda, Málaga, Spain

3. Gaucín, Gaucín, Spain -


Gaucín is another brilliantly whitewashed village located in the mountains of Andalusia that lies about 600 metres above sea level. It is inland from Marbella, Puerto Banús and Estepona and not far from Ronda. 

This stunning village has a population of approximately 2,000. Gaucín offers amazing views of the mediterranean sea, the mountains, Gibraltar, the Strait of Gibraltar and Morocco. Reaching the village is done by following a 24 km climb up a mountain road, where you can see how the village is presided over by a medieval castle. Castillo del Aguila historic castle is one of the attractions in Gaucín that can be seen all over the town and it offers 360 views. You can reach the castle by walking. 

Gaucín is also famous for being an inspiration for many international artists as well as its international artists' community. Don’t forget to dine in one of their wonderful restaurants for lunch or dinner while discovering this village. 

Address:29480 Gaucín, Málaga, Spain

4. Mijas, Mijas, Spain -


Another breathtaking village close to Malaga with a population of approximately 80,630 in Mijas. This lovely and clean village has narrow white streets, lovely houses with hanging flowers and hand-painted flower pots, colourful porcelain plates and exotic plants. Also, known as the most picturesque White village in Andalusia.

Mijas has three nuclei, gathering the majority of its population:
The Mijas Pueblo (a hillside village, the administrative centre of the municipality)
The La Cala de Mijas (a coastal village and a seaside resort)
The Las Lagunas (a suburban and commercial area to the north and west of, and largely integrated with, Fuengirola).

There are some resorts in Mijas, one of them is La Cala Resort, a 4-star hotel with a golf course, that is also the biggest one in Spain.
If you’re thinking about visiting Malaga, don’t forget to visit Mijas to truly get your dose of Andalusian mountain culture.

Address:29650 Mijas, Málaga, Spain

5. Frigiliana, Frigiliana, Spain -


Frigiliana is a village that has managed to preserve its original Moorish structure perched on the hilltops 6km north of Nerja. it is known as "Spain's most beautiful and well-preserved white village".  A tangle of narrow cobbled streets lined by whitewashed houses, their wrought-iron balconies filled with planters of brilliant red geraniums and beautiful wall plaques.

Since 2006 at the end of august Frigiliana celebrates the Festival of the Three Cultures (Festival de las Tres Culturas) The Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions. For 4 days Gastronomy, music theatre and culture are mixed bringing people together from all creeds. It's a true spectacle worth the visit.


Address:29788 Frigiliana, Málaga, Spain

6. Genalguacil, Genalguacil, Spain -


Genalguacil is another wonderful white-washed mountain village with its narrow streets with paintings, artistic plazas and their outdoor museum (El pueblo Museo) that every year artists from all over the world gather in this village. Genalguacil will give you authentic Andalusian vibes.

Address:29492 Genalguacil, Málaga, Spain

There is a special vibe to these Andalusian villages, almost a certain magic when you enter them… No wonder many artists find inspiration there, the streets, the views, the art is everywhere whether it's the flowers along the whitewashed houses or the artfully decorated wall plaques. Take a few days and visit at least a few of these villages, you won't regret it. 

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