Indonesia is blessed with numerous natural endowments in the form of beaches. Over the years, these beaches have become a hot spot for honeymooners, family fun trips and many more. Here are the top 8 beaches to visit in Indonesia. 

1. Pink Beach, , Indonesia -


Pink Beach, Komodo, is located in Komodo National Park and is one of the seven pink-coloured beaches globally. The pink colour of the beach is attributed to the activities of microscopic organisms, Foraminifera. Apart from its pink colour, the beach is also known for its pristine waters. Pink Beach, Komodo attracts visitors all year and is suitable for getting a tan, leisure swimming, and water sports activities.

Address:Pink Beach, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

2. Atuh Beach, , Indonesia -


Atuh Beach is a tidal beach with clear waters and a unique breath-taking view. The beach has a low tide and a high tide version. The period of the year determines the version you would experience. The low tidal version has mostly rocks.

The high tidal version of the beach is covered by water. The combination of the cliffs, rock formations, and clean sands makes this beach a unique sight to behold. You can schedule a full day of beach activities at Atuh Beach as vendors that offer different products and services are available.

Address:Pejukutan, Nusapenida, Klungkung Regency, Bali 80771, Indonesia
Phone: +62 818-793-913

3. Jimbaran Beach, , Indonesia -


Jimbaran Beach is an excellent choice for activities ranging from a walk on the beach to romantic sunset dinners. Jimbaran beach gets a lot of activity, with supporting facilities to boost. A lot of seafood restaurants are located close to Jimbaran Beach. The cleanliness of the water and sands of Jimbaran Beach are also notable. 

Address:Jimbaran Beach, Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

4. Klayar Beach, , Indonesia -


Klayar Beach is one of the unique Indonesian beaches that doesn't get a lot of visitors. If you love isolated, quiet beaches, this will be a great choice for you. A notable distinguishing feature of this beach is that its waves hit the rocks at heights of up to 7 meters, making a bamboo-flute-like sound.  

The beach is great for surfing. The clean waters and sands of Klayar Beach are also part of its appeal to its visitors. 

Address:Klayar Beach, East Java, Indonesia

5. Thomas Beach, , Indonesia -


With about a 200 meter stretch of sand, Thomas Beach is a perfect location for a beach day irrespective of your preferences. The clean, white sands and clear turquoise waters will make you fall in love with this beach. You will also love the fact that this beach is not very popular amongst tourists and locals.

Even with its notable features, you can enjoy Thomas Beach without the crowd's similar beaches are known for. This beach is perfect for persons that just want to spend some time at a beach and soak in its beauty. Such persons can rent available umbrellas. The beach is also great for surfers. Surfers can rent surfboards for different periods. 

Address:Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia

6. Balangan Beach, , Indonesia -


With about 500 meters of pristine beach sand, Balangan is a surfer's delight and one of Indonesia's scenic beaches. If you're not an experienced surfer, you can simply spend time on this beach lounging on the beach beds available for hire.

This beach has golden sands and is located amid vegetated limestone cliffs, a combination that makes for a great view.

Address:Balangan Beach, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

7. Suluban Beach, , Indonesia -


This is another beach for pro surfers. The beach is located amid rocky formations and accessible by small steps. Non-surfers can enjoy the view from the beach, which is especially scenic at night. 

Address:Suluban Beach, Bali, Indonesia

8. Nyang Nyang Beach, , Indonesia -


Nyang Nyang Beach is known as one of the cleanest beaches around. It has about 1.5 km offshore and is located amid cliffs. Surfers love this beach because of its waves. Non-surfers enjoy the scenic views and especially like to take long walks on the beach. The beach is isolated and does not get a lot of activity. This is part of its appeal to surfers and non-surfers.

Address:Nyang Nyang Beach, Bali, Indonesia


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