Swedish fashion is committed to focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly ways. It is nice to choose and support ethical and sustainable fashion, because of the positive impact on our environment. Stockholm is such a beautiful city and they love sustainable fashion. When you want to visit this city, you shouldn’t miss their second-hand stores, stylish and sophisticated clothing, accessories and other eco-friendly collections. Local Traveller loves to support local, ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable stores, it truly excites us to show people how to support and love our environment. Check these 7 Eco-friendly stores in Stockholm and Enjoy!

1. Uniforms for the Dedicated, , Sweden -


On a pursuit to make designer clothing at an exceptional value on Krukmakargatan 24, Stockholm. UNIFORMS has organically evolved as a men's fashion label ever since established with a collective of creative minds back in 2008. The collections and streetwear of matching jackets, trousers and jersey combine casual tailoring, including influences from sports, army and function.

The clothes are made from recycled, organic, and bio-based materials, which can be carefully chosen to embody the specific high-quality UNIFORMS stands for. UNIFORMS has evolved to the great things; love for the persuasive timeless design, wine & food, character and the social events of life. Weaving streetwear and tailoring with designs, they aim to make modern classics which will stand the test of time, interpreted into yet elegant clothes made for nearly any event.

Address:Krukmakargatan 24, 118 51 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 533 324 48
Website: https://uniformsforthededicated.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uniformsforthededicated/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uniformsforthededicated/

2. Ecosphere, , Sweden -


Ecosphere strives for a style that is sustainable without hyperlinks to overconsumption and ecosystem degradation and has the expectation of being a nice and effortless alternative for the conscious consumer. Sustainable fashion can also be about purchasing clothing that you like: durable, stylish and classic garments that fit in your wardrobe!

Being both fashion-interested along with a conscious consumer is not simple once the supply does not meet the requirements put on quality, materials, fabrication and layout. That's the reason why they select the best that Ecosphere has quality, sound and ethical climate-smart materials. And perhaps best of design that you would like to wear all of the time and love!

Address:Bergsunds strand 32, 117 38 Stockholm, Sweden
Website: https://ecosphere.se/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecospherese/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecosphere.se/

3. ARKIVET Second Hand, , Sweden -


Arkivet is a contemporary second-hand store for its fashion-conscious and environmentally friendly. Their collections have women's clothes, accessories, bags and shoes.

In the 80s, a second-hand shop was opened by owner Caroline Hamrin's grandma Sonia in Sundbyberg. Talking to customers as Caroline assisted her grandmother with price tagging and doing great in the store, there the fantasy was born of running her own firm.

After finishing business studies in the USA, Caroline joined an interior design company in New England. After she returned to Sweden it was time for Grandma to hand over the banner to Caroline, with some hesitation, Caroline took over the shop in Sumpan which turned out to be great.

The dream lived on and in 2017 Caroline took her store experience into vintage and with a wider range. The Arkivet shop premiered on Norrtullsgatan. With a high degree of style and a focus on feeling and the experience from the shop, the Arkivet wants to make it effortless for customers to eat fashion in a manner. The idea is simple; hand in that which you use but might love to purchase your self, ie clothing in good shape.

Address: ARKIVET Östermalm Nybrogatan 44, 114 40 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: 073-232 70 00

Address:Norrtullsgatan 33, 113 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 72 969 20 00
Website: https://arkivetsthlm.se/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arkivetsthlm/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arkivetsthlm/

4. Studio Heijne, , Sweden -


Studio Heijne is a Stockholm based fashion manufacturer that provides contemporary dresses with an opportunity for women that are style-conscious to correct them according to their particular taste. At Studio Heijne it is all about you, Custom-fit garments.

Their luxury brand offers clothes in your size that is a 100% match guarantee. Your basics modern, colourful and feminine styles are their signatures. They offer silk scarves suiting tees & skirts.

Custom made & custom fit. You are the expert with your requirements and your own style. In the end, you have the final say, although obviously, you want to find ideas and inspiration. You're able to create something which fits you and is 100 % your style by being a part of the design process. They are convinced that those chances also add extra, unique value into the garment that will guarantee a lifetime.

Address:Concept Store, Kammakargatan 27, 111 60 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 73 417 79 61
Website: https://www.studioheijne.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studioheijne/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studioheijne/

5. A Day's March, , Sweden -


They are trying to make their clothes in an ever fair and friendly manner. They operate with trusted producers in Europe, and a significant portion of their products are made from organic cotton. But sustainability is not simply about creation. It is also about the type of garments you gift to the entire world. They are all about making clothes with layout and long-lasting quality.

A Day's March is concerned with fashion, not trends. Clothing that endures the test of time, is made by them. The inspiration comes from music and Italian menswear, classic American and film, military apparel and sportswear.

A Day's March is a menswear label offering apparel staples and quality tops at a favourable price. Their intention is to help you get through the day with dignity and style.

A Day's March, their name, stems from an old military term referring to how much an army could proceed at one time. They believe it is a name for a clothing company that helps you keep going with your head held high through the triumphs and problems of everyday life.

Visits their 2 Addresses in Stockholm:

Address: Kungsgatan 3, 111 43 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 8 611 00 20

Address:Nytorgsgatan 36, 116 40 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 452 97 28
Website: https://www.adaysmarch.com/se
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adaysmarch/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adaysmarch/

6. Petronella Second Hand AB, , Sweden -


Everyone gains from reusing merchandise. Reuse means that products are collected, sold and used a second time. Thus, secondhand clothing that is buying is a matter of the most environmentally friendly way and recycling. With Petronella, you will discover reused, fresh quality and branded accessories, shoes, bags and clothes for children as well as for men and women.

They are proud of their loyal and large clients from all over the country as well as internationally. Selling on commission is an environmentally friendly and smart way to wash out and create space. Almost the entire range at Petronella is composed of new items submitted to the commission.

The product range is renewed continuously as there is just one copy of each product. This means that the shop has a whole range every month. The best chance of finding what you are looking for is to visit. Petronella is a store founded in 1967 and since 1974, the shop is situated on Lützengatan 4 (Karlaplan metro) in Stockholm.

Address:Lützengatan 4, 115 20 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 663 70 15
Website: http://www.petronellasecondhand.se/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Petronellasecondhand/

7. Wear&Smile, , Sweden -


A Swedish clothing brand with a showroom at Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Ängsbruksgatan 9, Stockholm.

For Wear&Smile Sustainability means the environmental, transparent and ethical manner of making designing and wearing clothing. It is high quality in the fabrics, part of each and every step like timeless design and sewing, ecological fabrics with ethical working conditions, natural fibres and production procedure.

The quantity of wastage that is textile is enormous. Thus, they are continuously attempting to reduce it by subsequent approaches like cutting waste in design making, minimal design construction, redesigning existing garments, recycling and reuse of old clothes, multiple manners design etc.

They use fabrics, whenever possible, only with natural fibres, such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc.. At Wear&Smile, they use sustainable and fabrics exclusively from European providers. The clothing collections are designed in Sweden with fabricating in Latvia. Their garments are good quality, tasteful, timeless, with exceptional fit and timeless. Their fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which stands for testing of the merchandise in most processing phases so as to lower health risks.

Address:Askrikegatan 11, 115 57 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 70 307 15 00
Website: https://wearandsmile.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearusmile/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearclothsmile/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WearnSmile