Where to go in SARDINIA?

Where to go in Sardinia? In this articles we have listed the most amazing locations in Sardinia, where you will feel totally remote from the civilisation and submerged by the beauty of the island.

Mortoria island - Sardegna

Mortoria island - Sardegna


Located in North East of Sardinia of the island, Mortoria is a small island who can be only reach by boat. The paradisiac place secluded beautiful beaches. You will swim in see through water! Enjoy



Is a small island off the northeast coast of Sardinia, Italy. The island offers a unique landscape of beaches and cliffs. Walk to the highest point of this beautiful island: Monte Cannone. Stunning beaches can be found at each end of the island, Spalmatore di Fuori at the northeast, and Spalmatore di Terra at the southwest.




The City of Cardedu belongs to the Province of Ogliastra. It is located on the east coast of Sardinia, characterized by one of the most beautiful coasts of the island. Long and very white beaches alternate with other stretches of sand pebbles. The red Porphyry cliffs that fall to the sea are interspersed with quiet coves and isolated. Until a few decades ago its waters were inhabited by monk seals. Sandy beaches and clear sea make a lovely unspoiled and wild landscape, a favorite of many surfers for the sirocco wind blowing between 10 and 15 knots.

Via Municipio, 08040 Cardedu OG, Italy 0782-769031

Castelsardo - Sassari, Sardinia,

Castelsardo - Sassari, Sardinia,


Charming old town surrounded by a beautify landscape. You will be not disappointed there is a lot to do from the visit of the castle to exploring the old street of the medieval town.


Cala Domestica Beach, Sardinia - Local Traveller

Cala Domestica Beach, Sardinia - Local Traveller


The beach of Cala Domestica on the south-western coast of island.

The place is a well know spot and yet a real hidden gem to not miss! I warmly recommend you to make the effort to drive to this location if you are visiting the island and specially if you are in the south of Sardinia.

The beach is not to long and make it even more special as a secret spot but he landscape around it this breath taking and I invite you to explore the cliffs and sand dunes! The perfect place for a photographic mission. Instagram get read!  

You will also find the Torre di Cala Domestica, an old Spanish Tower again a perfect picture for instagram as the view at the spot is stunning.

I would recommend to plan the visit all the year through but be aware that it can be crowed on August. However if the plage is busy a snorkelling session will instantly help you to make abstraction of the tourist. The waters offer plenty of fish. A tip come early morning or late in the evening!


Capriccioli beach, Sardinia, Italy.

Capriccioli beach, Sardinia, Italy.


Clear amazing azure coloured sea water with granite rocks in Capriccioli beach, Welcome in paradis you could think you are in Seychelles.

The small peninsula perfect mix of light sandy beach to sunbath and granite rocks to jump in the water and explore the sea full of fish.

The place offers you a stunning view on the little islands of the Costa Smeralda also worth to explore!


Maddalena island

Maddalena island


The island of Maddalena and its archipelago will give you the feeling of been in Greece. Bleu water, peaceful coast and Mediterranean nature, desert in land… The place is nearly untouched and heaven like.

Visit the place in the winter also if you can, it is wild and inspiring.


Small rocky bay with amazing turquoise water. Capo Testa, Sardinia, Italy

Small rocky bay with amazing turquoise water. Capo Testa, Sardinia, Italy


Small rocky bay with amazing turquoise water. Capo Testa, Sardinia, the location offer a impressive natural amphitheatre. It is difficult to leave this place in the end of the day! It is for me what Sardinia offers at its best, a true highlight. The water is transparent and offers great snorkeling session. The shore is suitable for long walk and photographic session. amateurs of drones flight the place is the spot to visit!

Close by:

Google map: Beach Rena di Ponente

Google map: Cala di l’Ea


Pan di Zucchero, Masua, Sardinia

Pan di Zucchero, Masua, Sardinia


Along the spectacular cost of Iglesias rise the dynamic vertical rock of “sugar cube or bread” standing in the middle of the sea as a monumental natural monuments.

Everyone who likes walking, taking photography or spectacular landscape will love the place.

Close to the place the beach PORTO FLAVIA

Porto Flavia

Porto Flavia


Close to PAN DI ZUCCHERO the beach Porto Flavia: calm spot with a wild the place is perfect for a afternoon break with kids.

Google Map

Costa Paradiso

Costa Paradiso


What a scenery! From the coastline, cliffs or beaches the journey through this landscape is a true traveller experience. The is perfectly named.

As usual in the island if you can organise a boat trip you will not regret it as the deep waters and the view to the coast is stunning.


Cala di Faa, Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy

cala sarraina, Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy

Spiaggia di Li Cossi, Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy

Spiaggia del Porto La Cruzitta, Località Costa Paradiso, Costa Paradiso, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy


Rena Majore


Rena Majore is a cute and nice village. The place can be crowed in the summer and yet it is worth to visit. To escape the tourist many nice beaches can be visited. You can also count on the local food and wine to confort you after your day spend in the water and under the sun.

Badesi, Sardinia

Badesi, Sardinia


Small beautiful and peaceful town. The place is mostly famous for its beaches and nice surrounding landscape. The Vermentiono di Gallura wine is also an attraction for the connaisseur!


Spiaggia della Baia delle Mimose, Via Tirso, Valledoria, Province of Sassari, Italy

Spiaggia Li Mindi di Badesi, Badesi, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy

Spiaggia Li Feruli

Spiaggia di San Pietro, Strada Provinciale 90, Valledoria, Province of Sassari, Italy


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